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Melody Hossaini, has delivered unforgettable presentations in over 50 countries around the world. As a leading expert in Life Skills and social enterprise, her aim is simple; to provoke thought and encourage personal growth leading to a more socially enterprising world.

Melody’s ethos is based on her own incredible story of starting out as a war refugee on the run who had lived in 4 countries by the age of 12 and been held at gun point by people who broke into the family home and said they would kill her mother if she came home whilst they were there.

Today Melody Hossaini is one of the worlds leading social entrepreneurs, becoming a co-founder of a youth organisation aged 13, to now Founder and CEO of an award-winning social enterprise, InspirEngage International. Melody is a dynamic speaker, expert skills trainer and a coach.

Watch Melody Hossaini speak at TEDx Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


A few testimonials:

“Melody inspires her audiences to take action. She serves as an excellent role model for future leaders.” Patrick Lor, Co-Founder of iStockPhoto

Speaking to students

“Today I learned I can change the world” Rukiya, student, Oxford Spires Academy

Melody was guest speaker at the 2013 Northern Ireland Enterprise Awards. She is a dynamic speaker and a true professional. She has a heartfelt passion for the social enterprise sector. She presented to small businesses and also delivered a very informative session on “Measuring your Social Capital Bank” by InspirEngage International. Melody is relevant and up to date and a real pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with her again in the future. Gordon Gough, CEO, Enterprise Northern Ireland.

Some of the events Melody has spoken at:

  • United Nations Chamber of UNESCO
  • Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Malaysia (a Barack Obama initiative)
  • Peace Jam, Los Angeles (shared a stage with Desmond Tutu)
  • TEDx, Malaysia
  • Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting, Trinidad & Tobago (attended by the Queen)
  • Skills Show Opening Ceremony (2,000 people)
  • How to Change the World Conference, Canada (4,000 people)
  • Corporate events and after-dinner speaking (HSBC, IFS)
  • Social Enterprise Summit, Hong Kong
  • The Womens Forum (most prestigious global gathering on advancement of women)
  • Various schools, college and University events + awards

    Speaking at United Nations

Some of the signature presentations Melody speaks on:

  • The Social Enterprise Revolution
  • How to Change the World
  • Aspiring young entrepreneurs- tips for success
  • Planning and achieving your career goals- practical tools
  • The Future is Female! – Inspiring females to prosper
  • CSR- why social enterprise is more important than ever
  • Bespoke presentations to perfectly suit the purpose of the event

As a much-sought-after speaker, Melody has captivated audiences worldwide- whether at large conferences or intimate gatherings, she uses a mix of personal anecdotes as a story-teller added to practical actionable tools.

For educational institutions:

  • Career Success how to maximise your chances of career success, with mix of personal story, practical tips and interactive exercises that both inspire students and equip them with actionable ideas to implement.
  • How to Change the World - signature presentation (global speaking tour topic). How to do well by doing good and why this is vital for our world. Students will learn about the importance of social responsibility and what kind of careers are connected to this, such as social enterprise. Starts with kindness to fellow students to how we view our community.
  • Exam Success Getting students ready for exam success with Melodys energetic and inspiring exam revision techniques Bootcamp. See here for a flavour!
  • Skills for Life What are the life skills needed to be an all rounder & compete in the world of work? What can give you the edge and what are the essential life skills. Melody will cover an insight, give practical and hands-on opportunity for students to explore.
  • Startup & Stilettos A tailored and unique presentation/ workshop aimed at girls. Building their ambition, an honest and open dialogue helping participants to feel confident and focused on being their best. See here.
  • The story of the Asylum Seeker who Turned Award-winning Social Entrepreneur Melody shares her own incredible story in a captivating and unforgettable way, sharing chapters such as being victim of racism, being held at gun-point, almost being kidnapped in UAE, becoming a co-founder of a national youth organisation aged 13, discussing the Iraq war with Tony Blair in his office to being the first social entrepreneur on BBCs The Apprentice. But most importantly, what qualities and moments drove her to persevere and make her life about helping communities.
  • Other We can design your own bespoke presentation fit for your students. Just tell us what the objective is and a little about your students and school and we can design something to match.

Watch Melody at a recent Government launch event, speaking to aspiring female entrepreneurs

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