‘Invest in Yourself’ Coaching and Training for Individuals by Melody Hossaini

Getting started with your career or want a change? Want to break free from constant anxiety and lack of confidence? Want to practice interview techniques for an important job? Need support strategising a new business or career plan? Or you simply want a sounding board and professional advice? Book 1-2-1 coaching with Melody Hossaini via Skype / telephone now and start fulfilling your potential by investing in yourself.

‘Invest in Yourself’ – 1-2-1 support with a world-renowned trainer
‘Invest in Yourself’ sessions are tailored to you and are there to offer you 1-2-1 support
to help you achieve your goals, sharpen your life skills and make you stand out. Melody Hossaini, Founder and CEO of InspirEngage International, holds 18 years experience in people development and youth work, having worked with young people and professionals across the world delivering Skills Bootcamps. Melody is an award-winning trainer and public speaker. In 2011, she beat over 75,000 people to become the first social entrepreneur on BBC’s The Apprentice, being described by Lord Sugar as “a woman of exceptional ability.” Melody’s style is informal and friendly, allowing you to explore and overcome personal barriers and plan for real successes, where above all, you feel at ease and happy. The Coaching programmes are available to anyone (most our clients are driven professionals who want to develop themselves), and as its via skype or phone, its open to everyone, whatever your location.

Some of the areas you may wish to focus on:

  • Confidence- learn techniques and find your own style of being confident to maximise success
  • Communication skills- mastering the art of speaking, listening and body language
  • Interview Bootcamp- practice techniques and mock interviews
  • Leadership – have you started a new leadership position at work and want to get it right?
  • Aspiring young entrepreneurs – tips for success
  • Planning and achieving your goals- drawing up a plan together that suits you
  • Adopting a winning mindset leading to results
  • How to Change the World – Social Entrepreneurs
  • Startup and Stilettos – Supporting female professionals and girls. Act like a lady- Think like a boss.
  • Overcoming a personal barriers and challenging times- we all have them! Let me support you to be proactive and positive

Melody will work with you to develop your presence, appearance, skills, and goals. You will see positive results from focused attention, guidance, and practice.

“Melody thank you so much for our session – I found it very inspiring, helpful and supportive. You really helped me to put everything into perspective and embrace my current circumstances. Thank you so much for the variety of different ideas and suggestions – it really has given me lots to think and reflect upon. I feel truly inspired.” G.S 2015

‘Invest in Yourself’ packages
The sessions are 50 minute sessions and can be carried out through phone or skype: Download Skype for FREE.

• Single session: £89 • 3+ session: £77 each • Masterclass 6 sessions: £70 each

Single session - £89
A single, focused coaching session is great if you have one very specific challenge you wish to tackle. If you need more clarity with your goals or help overcoming a particular challenge, one session might be enough.

3+ sessions - £77 each
This package works extremely well if you need help with one or two specific issues, goals or challenges. This includes the need to get unstuck from deeply ingrained limiting beliefs that are holding you back or mapping out a personal or professional success strategy, or practicing for an interview and improving your approach.

6 sessions- InspirEngage Masterclass - £70 each
If you are serious about creating positive, lasting change in your life, this is the package for you. Six sessions give us enough time get some real work done. Even if all you know is that something in your life needs to change, this package provides adequate opportunity for us to get to the core of that feeling and come up with some powerful and realistic solutions.

6x Coaching package includes:

  • Six 50min coaching sessions via Skype or telephone.
  • Sessions valid for 12 months from date of booking.
  • Signed copy of Invest In Yourself certification upon completion.

“Six calls with Melody and I’ve noticed changes in my confidence, mindset and abilities! In a short space of time I’ve pushed myself out of my comfort zone and pragmatically dealt with situations that I would have previously felt quite anxious in.” S, 2016

What next?
If you’re interested in making a booking, let us know which package you would like to book, fill in your booking form below and return to info@inspirEngage.com and we will schedule the sessions in the diary with Melody and get you started! Have questions? Email us. Were happy to help.

Download the Invest In Yourself Form, which will allow us to understand your needs and tailor our support.



“Very inspirational and eye-opening. I learned more about myself than I would’ve done in 2 weeks.” Shyam Savani

“Melody inspires her audiences to take action. She serves as an excellent role model for future leaders.” Patrick Lor, Co-Founder of iStockPhoto

“In just the space of 3 hours I have a much better understanding of both myself and my goals in life- thank you so much.” Jess Bernardez

Note: this is for individuals and not organisations. For organisations, enquire about our training and consultancy support.